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Action bar

Action bar

There are two types of Android menus

  • Options menu
    the menu that appears when you press the menu button
    this type of menus is binded to the activity (Every activity can have one options menu)
  • Context menu
    the menu when you do a long press on a view (like Text view or list item)
    this type of menus is binded to the view (Every view can have one context menu)


Dynamic breadcrumb / navigation menu


A breadcrumb / navigation menu should track all the moves of the user from a page to another

the concept of making a dynamic navigation menu is to save every visited page in a list so that it contains all the visited pages from the home page until the current page
when i click on any menu item (return to a previous page on my navigation) i should clear all the pages after this page from the list.

user visits history should be stored among all user requests and should be unique to every user, so we would store navigation information in Session scope


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